Wednesday, 20 July 2011

IGA - Color Chart


  1. thanks for posting!

    How do you come up with the colour chart? Or how do you use it?

    many thanks

  2. Hey Livio!! Sly here! hope all is good on your side man.

    Basically what we do in the beginning is a fast mood board to set up the color palette. It is then used as a reference for the lighting and shading process.

    These charts here are done after the project is finished to gather the general mood and color feel of the whole campain. We want to have a homogenous look but at the same time, try different color approaches to give each spot it's own personnality.

    So when we start a new IGA spot, we refer to it to help set the new mood by looking backward in time about what was been done already.

    cheers mate!