Friday, 5 August 2011

IGA - BYE BYE 2010

Just going through some older projects, I've found some interesting work in progress material from our production Bye Bye 2010 for IGA.  (You can view the full ad here)

The whole productions will be showcased in a serie of post, so stay tuned! :)

The main message of the ad is that Vegetables and Fruits are fun! So our concept artist, Ben Therriault had to design some Veggies/Fruity characters that would later dance to some original French Canadian music!


Then Ben moved on and made the first versions of the storyboard to prepare for the shoot!

And one of the last step of pre-production was to set up a Mood Board, and again, Ben did an amazing work painting the characters on some frames from the tech scouting!

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