Friday, 16 September 2011

SHED Paintball tomorrow!!!!!!

Tomorrow at 9am (sharp!) SHED will have another paintball battle. Last year's battle sent a couple guys calling it quits for the year...I wont say any names but one person rhymes with Lylvain Sebeau. =)
If its anyt
hing like last year, I'd expect it to be a spectacular combat full of sweat, screams and welts! So i figured i had to train this year and i did so all week.... by watching movies =) Here are movies that will help me succeed for "bloodSHED".
"The Matrix"
I was completely moved by the line "Dodge This"
After this movie i was really wishing paintball was Wednesday.
"Lady and the Tramp" and then "Die Hard"
Okay so i have to admit. I lost a little bit of focus earlier in the evening.

This had me so ready for battle this morning! I came in to work ready to light up anything that moved. So amped, that I actually had to keep the lights on and open the windows in my Lustre suite to remind myself that i'm at a place of work. Not at a Paintball course. Or even Scotland for that matter.

"The Terminator"
Let's do this!

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