Friday, 11 November 2011

In-house RnD :: Photo-realistic head

Hello everyone!

Here's a little 'preview' of one of our in-house projects!  A few months ago, in between projects, Bruno (shading/lighting/compositing artist), suggested to upgrade our skin shading 'technology'.  The project then evolved into actually modelling, shade, light and later rig and animate the head of one of our animator (Guillaume).  Bruno went on and took several reference photos of Guillaume (a.k.a. Gus) during a cloudy day.

Starting from Lee Perry-smith amazing head reference (Infinite-Realities) and face scan, Bruno and Dom then team-tagged and modeled Gus, Bruno for the general proportions and Dom for the micro-details.  Bruno then went on and painted a new displacement for the face, with lee Perry-Smith scan as a reference.

The eyebrows and eyelashes are included in the modelling process as a geometry, but the beard and "scalp" are going to be done with strands/hair.

Isabelle, our texture artist took all the references photo of Gus and created the texture for the 3d face. We are currently at the shading stage for the face and will keep working on it on our free time until we are satisfied. Obviously, there is still some work until we get to a completely realistic stage, but we're getting there!

Stay tuned for the next steps as we keep working.  Expect this face to move in the near future :)
You can view the progress here:

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