Friday, 16 December 2011

Shading Scene

So, we've recently been through some pipeline refinement and made quite a few improvements!

We especially worked on the way we setup shaders on our models. Bruno (shading/lighting/comp) built what we call a 'Shading Scene' in which there is a bunch of physically accurate lighting setup. We then import our assets in that scene and make sure our shaders work in all the different lighting condition (Dawn, day, night, indoor, etc.). That way we are sure that no matter where the asset will be used in a production, the shaders won't be flawed by an overcompensation against a too powerful (or too dim) light.

You can view here some environment example we use to test our Shaders:

A dinosaur, how cool is that?

Little glimpse of our latest project. Stay tuned for the full ad in the next few days!


  1. that lighting scene setup is a blast from the past. Fun to see that scene is till used :-)

  2. Ron43: Sorry for the late reply. It's actually Arnold and its awesome GI