Monday, 13 February 2012

Saputo - Lait's Go!

We recently delivered an ad for Lait's Go which you can see right here:

The biggest par of the production was to create a full CGI cow head which would "yell" and show its agressivness, and hence prove it's Lait's Go whorty. 

We proceeded to model the cow from reference photo taken on Set.

Final modelling
The first texturing pass was done through camera projection, but clearly it wasn't enough to cover all area of the head we needed to show when it was yelling
Shading Wip with camera projected texture

The texture was then reworked to be good looking in most angles, and the hair was tweaked until it looked like the real one in the spot (with that funky hair placement on the top of the head!)
Hair W.I.P.
Hair W.I.P.
Our animators matchmoved the beginning and end of the shot so the CG head would fit the real, and made sure the connection around the neck wouldn't slide on top of the footage.
Anim Cached loaded and ready to render!
We used HDR taken on set to light the cow.
Chrome sphere to test the reflection of the environment
Reflection pass for the highlights
The shaders were also tweaked up until to end to make sure the mouth looked clean (instead of looking disgusting like a real cow mouth...), and the nose was just as wet as the original cow.

Finally the farmer who was holding the cow during the shoot was removed from the footage, and the cow head was composited on top of the body.

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