Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sport Chek - Sidney Corsby's skate

So we've just got the go to make this little project public.  You can watch the 'viral style' ad we did for Sport Chek right here:

This project was particularly tricky because we had to create a photorealistic tomato aswell as it's slices that fitted flawlessly the real ones on set which were manipulated by Crosby.  The "handheld" style of the camera added some extra difficulty for tracking because of the heavy motion blur and zoom in/zoom out. We ended up using a mix of 3d tracking and 2d tracking/stabilization to make sure the tomato would stick to the wood plate to make it believable when Crosby was hitting it with his skate's blade.

You can view some screenshot of our work scene here:
The footage was camera projected on the layout to offer lighting and reflection data on the virtual tomato

Lighting/shadows being tweaked to fit the plate

W.I.P. of textured and shaded tomato

Pure reflection test to make sure the environment reflected correctly on the props.

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