Friday, 30 March 2012

Bell - Fibe

Here we go again with a new "behind-the-scene" blog post for our latest project: Bell - Fibe 

One of the big challenge was to create the modelling for 5 cities (Paris, New-York, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City) in a really short period of time.  We decided on an hybrid approach between "brute-force" modelling and procedural city generation. We develloped an in-hosue tool to instance buildings on "streets" that were modelling using very approximate grids.  The ice tool helped to create variation to our basic "house" model (width, height, rotation) and the tool also placed for us the appropriate building for the corners, and oriented them in the good direction.  So we only had to create a couple of variation and then layout the main streets of our cities for the tool to populate them.

In the initial concept, all those building were supposed to be created from scratch, so we also develloped tools to dice them in cubes and simulate a "construction" animation.  Those "simulated" building were then used to fill the streets of the cities and a time controller gave us the option to decide when the building would be built. Here is some "construction" test we did:

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for some future behind the scene!