Friday, 11 May 2012

IGA - Poissonnerie


It's been quite a while we posted anything, which basically mean we were too busy working on new crazy stuff to take the time to write text! And since no one likes to write/read long texts, here's a quite extensive Behind-The-Scene of IGA - Poissonnerie mainly presented through videos and images! (we love video and images!)

Let's start off with our usual Animation Steps. First we have our 2d Animatic so the client can "lock" the general camera angles and overall timing. It also let us know how much layout we'll have to do.

Then we do a 3d animatic to nail the cameras and make sure each shot have enough frame for the desired actions.

Finally the animators polish their animation until they are satisfied, we also make sure as we go that we're on the same page as the client concerning the personality of each character.

And the final product:

One of the challenge in this ad was the long frizzy hair of the girl which had to flow in the wind. Our fx guys worked quite hard to achieve the desired result, you can see here a screen capture of the simulation itself:

And some shading work in progress:

Poissonnerie was one of the most challenging spot of the campaign for several reason, one of them being the quantity of elements that were needed to fill the enormous layout. Here's some small test render while we were develloping them:

And also some work in progress on the characters:

And for those interested in lighting, here's some screen capture while we were waiting for the render to finish. It shows how we light characters in context, directly in the 3d layout to get the most out of Arnold and all its GI bounces:

Hope you enjoyed the read! If you have any question on the process, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section!


  1. Hi,

    Im interested to know how did you achieve the hair. Those are ICE strands, right? Custom styling or one of the freely available solutions? What about dynamics?

    Any information you can share will be appreciated.


  2. Hey Kiril,

    -We use Kristinka set of compounds for hair styling (thanks to Anto Matkovic for sharing his compounds ) and create strands extrusion from the guides pointcloud.

    -We simulate with syflex and transfer it back to the guide pointcloud. At the end, we render a another with hair pointcloud created base on the guides and following them.

    Thanks Kiril for your interest in the project :)