Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Introducing Guillaume Combeaud

So here's the story of Guillaume Combeaud, a young Motiongrapher who was working in Morocco, and decided, in a leap of faith, to move to Montreal. On a wednesday night, once he was installed in his new appartment, he sent an email to SHED. On thursday he was visiting the place, and on friday he was signing his contract. While he was signing, we were having a meeting with a client about a project which would need quite a bit of mograph, so he joined up with us (he met the clients at the same time he met some of his new colleagues). With his demo reel and his ideas, he immediately gave everyone a feeling of confidence. We knew we could trust him to deliver quality work. 

Stay tune to this blog, in the next few days we'll post a making-of of that "big project" we worked on, which include his work!

For now,
Enjoy his demoreel!

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