Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dell Inspiron

We recently made an ad for Dell for the launch of their new "Inspiron" model. You can see the spot in HD below:

Their decision was to shoot some laptop-less plates and let us integrate the laptop in them. That way, they could later reuse the plates for newer models and have a nice uniform look for all their Inspiron updates.

The laptop model being still in production, and not yet on the shelves of stores, we had to recreate the model and shading according to photos and prototypes sent to us by the ad agency and Dell. 

A "Shading W.I.P." in one of our generic lighting setup.
Once the model was made, we proceded to track the shots and create some basic layout with camera projected textures on the walls and tables. The layout  and a HDR  to recreate the lighting from the set. Here's a few exeme of the shots:

Original Plate

3d pass

Composited shot with the orange box added

The 3d pass composited in the 2nd shot

The 3d pass composited in the 2nd shot


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